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Life cycles are changing and sometimes we find ourselves in a precarious financial situation where we need a third chance at credit. It is in these moments that Finova accompanies you by offering you an alternative credit solution to allow you to concretize your vehicle acquisition. We are partners with more than a hundred car dealerships in Quebec. This network gives you access to a large inventory of vehicles near you.

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* Payment is for informational purposes only. Final payment may vary.

* The payment frequency will be identical to the income frequency.

* The interest rate is chosen according to the vehicle and the financial situation of the lessee.

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Finova offers you solutions adapted to your reality.

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The Finova Advantage

We offer flexible 2nd or 3rd chance credit solutions for people who want to obtain a vehicle. Our approach is tailored to your reality. We work with you to make it easier to get your vehicle.
Our speed allows you to get pre-approved today. Then, you can find a vehicle at one of our partner dealers.
This approach is efficient because we can put you in contact with a partner dealer who can serve you as a 2nd or 3rd chance credit. Since we look at your budget to find a vehicle that suits you, we can guarantee predictable results and save you time.


Our fast turnaround allows you to get pre-approved today.

Finova and its network of dealer partners are here to work as a team for you. This teamwork gives you access to 2nd or 3rd chance credit financing quickly and efficiently. We are happy to be a part of this cycle of your life and support you in your efforts to obtain a vehicle.

Whether you're a student, new to the country, or in transition from one stage of life to another, we can help.

Our 2nd or 3rd chance credit solution is based on your current financial situation, not your past.