How It Works?

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What is Long Term Leasing?

Lease financing known as Long Term Leasing is an extremely useful automotive financing product for consumers with an immediate need for transportation despite an inability to obtain traditional financing.

What financing solutions do you offer?

We have several financing solutions to customize the terms. The prime rate is 19.99%.

Who do we serve? Anyone!

Anyone who needs to purchase a vehicle and does not have access to traditional financing:
-irst loan (young person, student)
-Financial instability (new job, on leave of absence. Seasonal worker. Self-employed, Independent contractor, housewife), bad credit history in the past. No matter what your financial situation is, we can help you.

What is the minimum length of employment required?

We look at the stability of your income and not the length of your employment.

What types of vehicles can I get?

Our service offers you a loan of up to $25,000. The vehicle you wish to purchase will depend on our financing, as well as the amount of your initial deposit. We can even finance new cars of the year!

Do I buy or lease my car?

We lease. When your lease ends, you can purchase your vehicle for a residual amount. Our terms are flexible and we have a personalized approach. We want to work with you to find you a vehicle.

Can I buy a car from Finova?

Finova Car Leasing is a leasing company and we have a huge network of dealerships throughout Quebec at your disposal. You can get pre-qualified first and then we can refer you to one of our partners in your area.

Can I pay off my loan faster without penalty even if it's a lease?

Yes, of course you can! There is no penalty at All Star Auto Leasing for accelerated payments. It is recommended and extremely beneficial for you to do so.

What happens if I am unable to make my payments?

We have dedicated people in-house who can help you find a payment solution.

How can I get your services for my clients?

Contact us and mention in which region you operate. We will redirect your information to our territory manager who will contact you for a meeting.

What are your advantages?

As a leasing company for the sub-standard market, we are the solution to keep you from losing sales. 100% of our analyst team has dealership experience and speaks your language. We communicate with your customers to pinpoint areas of instability and maximize our chances of obtaining excellent financing approval for your customer.

Our rebates are among the highest in Quebec. Our philosophy of accompaniment offers you a team to manage the follow-ups of requests, the customer's follow-up and the speed to obtain your disbursements. We know your reality and we listen to you.

How do I buy back a financed vehicle at Finova?

Quick and easy! Do you have the exact balance of the customer? If not, ask the customer to contact you to obtain their balance. Have our agent email the balance quote to you. Instructions will be provided in the email in a clear and detailed manner. Once the balance is in hand, proceed with the payment of the balance and send us the proof of payment. Upon receipt of this proof, we will transfer the vehicle into your inventory. Note that we will need some information from your company to proceed. Everything is detailed in the email.

I am a customer and I am unfortunately going to file for bankruptcy. Can I keep my vehicle?

Yes, absolutely! You can keep your lease with us despite your current challenges. Call us for assistance.

I am a customer and my vehicle has been declared a total loss, what should I do?

We will assist you in this situation! You must contact your insurer so that they can send us a letter of indemnity. Afterwards, we will proceed to complete your file directly with them. You will be able to sleep well and think about the next car you want to buy.

I have a backlog in my file and I would like to update it. How do I do this?

We're happy to work with you to get everything back on track. Did you know that you can simply pay by Interac transfer? Yes, call us for the exact amount and instructions on how to make a quick transfer.

Can I sell my car if I am leasing it?

If you want to sell your car, you need to know the balance of your lease financing. When you sell the car, you are obligated to pay off your balance in full to get out of the finance obligation. You could also proceed with a lease transfer so that the buyer of your car takes over the balance of your lease financing by assuming the payments on the contract. Do not hesitate to contact us for the details of this procedure if needed.